St. Anthony's Catholic Church
  The following links are to the fourteen 75th Anniversary photo albums. These albums are in the flash format. They are viewable on all computers and any devices that supports flash. To make the albums small enough for older computers, the phtotos have been divided into 14 albums. When you click on the links below the window that opens will have the flash album displayed.
75th-01 75th-05 75th-09 75th-13
75th-02 75th-06 75th-10 75th-14
75th-03 75th-07 75th-11
75th-04 75th-08 75th-12
To stop the automation, use the control panel in the upper left-hand corner of the players window and click on the pause button. When the player is stopped, you can advance the photos manually by clicking on the photo. To restart the player, click the play button in the control panel.